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"Only one great saint called Gnyaneshwara wrote it in his book in the sixth chapter about the Kundalini." - Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 6 May 2001, Sahasrara Puja, Cabella


Shri Mataji

"The Kundalini uncoils herself, shakes off her lethargy, and stands erect…, She then reaches the palms…, creating a draught, the life wind emerges… and creates a cooling sensation in the body internally as also externally."

Gnyaneshwara, born 1275
writes in Gnyaneshwari (6:14)

"So lies the Kundalini,
Very small and coiled three and a half times,
Like a female serpent
With her head turned downwards.
She is like a ring of lightening,
Folds of flaming fire,
Or a bar of pure gold."

Jnyaneshvar's Gita, Page 75

The Kundalini retains its power until it is absorbed in the Supreme Brahma making itself steady in the Brahmarandhra and embraces the Supreme (Brahman) … just as the sea water becomes pure through the clouds, pours itself down into the river and ultimately rejoins the sea, in the same way the individual soul with the help of the human form, enters into the supreme and becomes one with it …

Shri Jnyandeo's Jnyaneshwari, Ch VII (14-15)

The life wind emerging out of the Kundalini creates a cooling sensation in the body, internally and also externally.

Shri Jnyandeo's Jnyaneshwari, Ch VI (14-15)

All the great self-realized souls and scriptures have spoken about kundalini and/or self-realization. For example:

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