Experience inner peace and mental silence through Sahaja Yoga Meditation.

Welcome to Sahaja Yoga Meditation, Austin TX

Sahaja Yoga Meditation is a unique technique to achieve inner peace and balance. It is based on the principle of awakening of one’s inner spiritual energy also known as the kundalini. 

Stress relief is a natural byproduct of Sahaja Yoga and that’s why practicing this meditation is known to be associated with an increased feeling of well-being. Regular practice of Sahaja Yoga Meditation can result in improved health, better focus, relief from thoughts that lead to anxiety or depression, and a better quality of life in general.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes are offered all over the world as a community service so they are always free and open to everyone.

The Sahaja Yoga Meditation Center is closed during the holiday season. We will open again on Wed Jan 4th 2023.

In person meetings

Every Wednesday 7:00 PM

Every Saturday 10:30 AM

Please call or text 512 828 0129 for more information


8711 Burnet Rd, 

Suite #A12

Austin TX, 78757

Mediation sessions open to all levels.